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Unicorn Retainer Buddy

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Someday in the future you will appreciate that you wore your retainer, but when you're in retainer-mode, it isn't all that fun.  But now there is a way to make it fun!  Retainer Buddy® is a smile-inducing, convenient, and sturdy holder for all retainers, clear orthodontic aligners and mouth guards. It keeps retainers and aligners safe and off household surfaces during eating, tooth brushing, and other activities.  Fits all retainers, clear aligners, mouth guards and  is easy to clean.

4.5" x 7.2"

Customers Say

"This would be a PERFECT birthday present for any of your kids' friends that wear a retainer.  Perfect price point and very unique, and they probably  won't get multiple of them like the usual lame gifts we buy our kids' friends.  This was a hit!"

"Is it bad that I wish I wore a retainer?  I want one of these!"


Q: Can I put this in the dishwasher?

A: Yes!  Your orthodontist will thank you for it!

Q: Do people use this for anything else?  I don't wear a retainer.

A: You bet they do!  These are too cute to resist.  We know people that use this little guy for rings and even air plants!