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Mini Lip Balms (set of 3)

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Why do we love them?  Inevitably that a tube of lip balm goes into a pocket, bag or somewhere to never be seen again.

With a set of these mini tubes, you can’t lose them if even if you try.  No matter where you look - there one is!  And did we mention they are ah-dor-ah-ble

Why you’ll want one too?  Don’t you hate it when you put a regular size one in your pocket, sit down & it stabs you in the leg?  Yeah, we hate that too.  Problem solved.  Mike.  Drop. 

Made from all natural ingredients & leave your lips SUPER soft.  And they fit nicely into your pocket to tag along on all your adventures.  

To use: Apply to lips of course!  

Includes 3 tubes: Citrus, Sarsaparilla, and Blush (providing the slightest shade of rosy color)

Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, castor oil, lanolin butter, jojoba, vitamin E, purse essential oils 

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